A contemporary style or rustic beauty?

There is no doubt about the longevity of Wood Flooring . As a durable flooring with elegant looks it is in high demand. When laid correctly by professionals it provides immense beauty and is one of the most aesthetic floorings around. There are hundreds of wood species, colours, grading, and styles to choose from. Some species of wood floorings are expensive others are great value, usually determined by their rarity, aesthetics and grading .

aesthetic wood flooring in a lounge

Solid wood Parquet flooring

Solid wood floorings are subcategorised: strip flooring, plank flooring, and parquet flooring. Parquet flooring has geometrical patterns that are created with wood slats. Hand-scraped hardwood floors are handcrafted with character markings on hand-scraped hardwood floors providing a unique feature.

These floors offer the best finishes for either a contemporary look or the ‘old reclaimed’ wood floor look. They are installed through a fully bonding method or portable nailing method, or floating, which means boards are glued together but not to the sub floor.

Wood flooring is a natural product so acclimatisation is key to the stability of the floor.

Beautiful Criterion wood flooring in a lounge

Acclimatisation must be carried out otherwise movement will occur although Solid takes longer than engineered to acclimatise.These are easy to impregnate and unfurnish without much time and money. Oiled finishes are better for maintenance and make the wood look better. Wood floors may lose their shine, and discolouration may also occur from direct exposure to UV light, dust, and mud. However, upon professional care, Sanding and refinishing, these floors can outlive any other flooring.

Let Criterion Flooring guide you through the choices available

Talk to Criterion Flooring for any help you need in choosing the style and look of wood flooring you need. Criterion Flooring can also provide samples and guide you through the colour and finishes available.

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