About Us

We lay nature beneath your feet…

Criterion flooring is based in Tring but has worked in numerous surrounding villages including Berkhamsted, Amersham, Chesham Puttenham and Long Marston building a reputation for quality wood flooring.

A family run Tring business for over 25 years.

Neil Smith has extensive experience in installing wood flooring which has led to Criterion Flooring working on both residential and commercial projects including Trings Zoology museum and the Big Brother house!

They work to very high standards and are happy to share their knowledge to help you get the best result in your home or office. Neil and his son Luke can help you choose the type of wood to best match your requirements or help colour match  to existing flooring, From doormat footwells, doors, architraves or staircases the Criterion team of craftsmen is well equipped to provide bespoke installations.

Criterion offers a huge choice of wood finishes (see the ‘wood selector’ on this site) and is specialist in  parquet or herringbone patterns. Criterion can also provide carpet or laminate flooring all with the same excellent value for money and friendly , conscientious service . Since wood is a natural product and needs nurturing it is important you get good advice on your selection of flooring. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Neil or one of the Criterion flooring team on; 01442 822799

Choosing wood flooring

The first decision is what type of wood finish you require …the colour, the longevity the finish and the location of the flooring are all key factors to consider and of course cost! A dark wood for example absorbs the light and a lighter wood will darken gradually over time. Re sanding the surface periodically, replenishes the finish and restores it to it’s original state. It depends on the thickness of the wood as to how times it can be re-sanded .  (re sanding takes off about 1.5mm off the surface of the wood)

Engineered board v Solid Wood

Natural untreated wood is available in 15, 18 or 20mm thickness. The thicker the wood you specify, the greater it’s longevity. A 20mm solid wood for example, will provide a lifetime of beautifully presented wood and a comfortable surface to walk on.   (It could also be sanded 4/ 5 times during it’s lifetime to restore it to its original state) Engineered wood is multi layers of ply-board bonded with a solid wood veneer. An engineered board takes less time to adapt to it’s environment an is more stable more quickly, it’s manufactured, so it doesn’t ‘move’ in the way untreated natural wood does.

Wood is a natural product which needs to breathe…

Natural wood acclimatises to the humidity of your home. Where an engineered wood settles in a matter of 48 hrs, natural wood takes 7-10 days. For example natural wood is Kiln dried at aorund 9-11% humidity if your hosue was at 15% humidity then you would be best advised to ventilate/air the house to equalise the humidity so the floor can be laid. It  would then need to be kept at a steady temperature (around 18-20 degrees) over the next 10 days.The reason for this is that wood can swell, as it does so it begins to take up the expansion gaps that have been left and then a’ wave’ is created and a floor can buckle in the middle as the expansion gaps are taken up and it pushes inwards as it expands. A wood floor needs to breathe or this ‘greenhouse effect’ can cause the floor to come up. This is why it is important to use a reputable company, Criterion flooring take great care in surveying your house and guarantee it’s work is done to the highest standards.



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