Doors, Skirtings & Balustrades

God is in the detail…

It’s amazing how many beautiful wooden floors then have poorly fitted skirtings or non matching doors, which detract from the aesthetics of a perfectly installed wooden floor.  ‘God is in the detail’ as they say and it certainly applies when finishing off the surrounds of a floor. Where the floor meets a door, the edges of a fireplace, a staircase or entrance mat, it  should all be fitted perfectly to give an overall image of style and simplicity.


Architraves, is the door surrounds used to frame doorways. If they are fitted after hanging a door it helps to achieve the perfect fit. Architraves are a versatile molding that can also be fitted around fire places, welcome mats in the hallway, around box sash windows, on stair stringers or any other detail that edges your wood flooring.

Bespoke doors

Criterion provides a range of doors from ‘cottage’ style period Oak doors to sleek ‘hotel’ style Walnut doors and elegant brushed steel door furniture. The Criterion Flooring team has the joinery skills to install the door or adapt the sizeof a door to fit non standard measurements.


It takes experience to get these details spot on and Criterion flooring has over 25 years experience on a huge variety of wood flooring projects. So let us complete the full picture and ensure every detail is as it should be.

For advice on how to match your skirtings, doors, architraves or balaustrades call Neil at Criterion flooring on; 01442 822799 or email: