Herringbone & Parquet Patterns

Various styles of Herringbone Oak flooring from Criterion Flooring


Criterion Flooring specialises in Parquet and Chevron wood flooring patterns

Parquet flooring a Criterion speciality!

Parquet flooring may remind you of your school days but these days it’s also a very chic wood flooring. It’s herringbone patterns and different colour tones make it an easy and effective way to add interest to any room. Because of the way the different patterns and tones can be mixed it offers great flexibiliy. it’s also hard wearing nature a good parquet floor can last a lifetime and be refurbished to achieve the look you want, be it classic or contemporary.

Parquet flooring can bring beautiful timber floors up a notch with its incredible detailing. So many designs are now available, from the traditional basket weave or brick look to updated chevron and herringbone designs. Each beautiful and intricate design can add value and interest to your home.

Follow this link for some great Parquet floor ideas <http://www.redonline.co.uk/interiors/decorating-ideas/wall-and-flooring-ideas/floors>


**Originally a French feature dating from 1684, parquet flooring is made from solid blocks of hardwoods, laid over tie bars in square, triangular or lozenge designs,then nailed in place. This style of flooring became popular with the wealthy, as it did not trap moisture and encourage rotting joists the way marble flooring did.

Today this elegant design can add historic interest to modern, contemporary or traditional Homes. Particularly Victorian era Buildings. (Purists use the word “parquetry” to refer to timber flooring or furniture with angular and geometric patterns, while “marquetry” refers to curved shapes).


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