Kitchens & Bedrooms

Criterion Protects your wood flooring from bathroom spillages…

Wood flooring looks beautiful in a lounge or living room it provides drama and helps unify the design of both rooms if wood flooring is used throughout. Wood flooring is practical and because it is much easier to eradicate dust it is often a healthy more allergenic option too.

In Kitchens and bathrooms wood flooring looks fantastic too but their are practical considerations too. Obviously in a bathroom there are likely to be water spillages so it is important that the wood flooring is properly fitted and well sealed. Criterion flooring ensures the wood flooring it fits has the correct underlay and varnishes the wood to seal it and protect against water spillages. It is a natural product so has a warmer feel than ceramics or should you prefer carpet then Criterion is happy to show you carpet swatches and install to your specifications.

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