Laminates & Carpet


Laminates can be up to 50% cheaper than real wood. It is available in thicknesses of 6mm-10mm and made of high density fibre board . It is however a wood ‘imitation’

And consequently it doesn’t last as long. A 6mm laminate would last around 2/3 years and 8mm surface perhaps 12-15 years and a 9.5mm laminate up to 20-25 years.

(as long as it is regularly cleaned with a damp mop and a suck and vac hoover used to keep off dust and grit which could grind away the surface of the laminate spoiling its appearance over time).



Criterion supply and fit both commercial and domestic carpets. Carpets can be a more economic choice than wood but we would not recommend an ‘economy’ carpet. striped stair carpet from Criterion Flooring

A cheap carpet will generally deteriorate and look flat and old with in 2 years. This is because the tufts are not tight enough…in a more expensive carpet ie £18-30 a meter the tufts are closer together it will weigh around 40oz and will cope much better with heavy domestic traffic and keep its colour and shape. Criterion partners with Vormar Carpets, Georgian, Victoria and other major brands which provide high quality carpet which will look good for longer even in spaces with high footfall.

In a commercial  situation where furniture and lots of footfall are issues then and industrial grade carpet is often the best choice usually man made or 80/20% wool /Nylon mix.

The wool looks good and provides great comfort whereas the nylon strengthens and helps it wear well.

Industrial carpets are generally more expensive because they are of a higher density and you need to spend around £15-40 a metre to provide a hard wearing commercial carpet that looks good and is easy to maintain.

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