Underlay and accoustics

An existing concrete flooring should be entirely flat. An uneven floor will need to be screeded or ply board laid ( WBP Waterproofed ply board) to ensure the surface is completely flat.

The under flooring will determine how stable the floor is underfoot. For example a solid wood floor bonded to a screeded sub floor will provide a stable surface, permanent under foot with better accoustics. It is bonded with adhesive, which provides a water proof layer to prevent any damp from beneath affecting the wood flooring. The alternative is to ‘float’ the floor, which is when it is not bonded but ‘floated’ above a ‘blown rubber’ underlay. If this is the method chosen by our client Criterion flooring use An underlay called “Timber mate’ because it is heavier and more dense in its structure and has a built in vapour barrier. The wood panels are then laid or ‘floated’ on top of the underlay without the adhesive layer used on a screeded underlay.

Colour matching your wood flooring

Criterion flooring can generally match any colour you require by wood staining…matching wood stains together to get the right blend or using pre mixed oil tints to match a colour chart. To get a perfectly matched finish Criterion flooring lay unfinished wood and then create the exact wood finish when the floor is down. This ensures all the joints are coated and sealed. If a floor is pre finished at the factory then whilst it is lacquered and coated when the panels are butted together the joints are then not sealed so potentially spillages can seep down into the joint and expand the edges of the boards.(this may be partiularly relevant in bathrooms and kitchens) This is why Criterion coat the floor in situ to ensure all the joints are properly sealed and the floor perfectly prepared.

Parquet flooring a Criterion speciality!

Parquet flooring may remind you of your school days but these days it’s also a very chic wood flooring .It’s herringbone patterns and different colour tones make it an easy and effective way to add interest to any room.

Because of the way the different patterns and tones can be mixed it offers great flexabiliy. it’s also hard wearing nature a good parquet floor can last a lifetime and be refurbished to achieve the look you want, be it classic or contemporary. Parquet flooring can bring beautiful timber floors up a notch with its incredible detailing. So many designs are now available, from the traditional basket weave or brick look to updated chevron and herringbone designs. Each beautiful and intricate design can add value and interest to your home.

Follow this link for some great Parquet floor ideas <>


**Originally a French feature dating from 1684, parquet flooring is made from solid blocks of hardwoods, laid over tie bars in square, triangular or lozenge designs, then nailed in place. This style of flooring became popular with the wealthy, as it did not trap moisture and encourage rotting joists the way marble flooring did.

Today this elegant design can add historic interest to modern, contemporary or traditional Homes. Particularly Victorian era Buildings.

( Purists use the word “parquetry” to refer to timber flooring or furniture with angular and geometric patterns, while “marquetry” refers to curved shapes).


Laminates can be up to 50% cheaper than real wood. It is available in thicknesses of 6mm-10mm and made of high density fibre board . It is however a wood ‘imitation’And consequently it doesn’t last as long. A 6mm laminate would last around 2/3 years and 8mm surface perhaps 12-15 years and a 9.5mm laminate up to 20-25 years. (as long as it is regularly cleaned with a damp mop and a suck and vac hoover used to keep off dust and grit which could grind away the surface of the laminate spoiling its appearance over time).

God is in the detail! 

Skirting boards

Criterion generally recommend taking the existing skirting boards off and then replacing them to match the flooring. The reason for this is that with existing skirting in place, it means

an expansion gap is left between the floor and the skirting and beading is then used to bridge this gap. Whereas if the existing skirtings are taken off then the floor can be laid up to

the edge leaving the expansion gap under the new skirting board so the finish is perfect, no beading required and the colour matched perfectly.

Architraves and doors

We think it’s fair to say that Architraves framing the door look much better if they match the flooring and equally if you have a new floor, it makes sense to match the doors too.

Of course this can be down to your budget and doors can be refurbished to match existing floors if required.

A wood beamed roof and galleried landing

Criterion flooring work in conjunction with many builders to refurbish existing woodwork including barn conversions

(there are lots of barns and historic buildings in and around the Tring/Berkhamsted area! ) and recently an old school house in Wendover.

Criterion refurbished the roof timbers in the Old School House. The roof was 9meteres high so scaffolding had to be built before sanding down the wooden beams

re-oiling and staining them. On this project Criterion flooring also organised the re-decorating to totally revitalise a tired building back to its original best!

(the whole project was completed in 3 weeks)


Criterion supply and fit both commercial and domestic carpets. Carpets can be a more economic choice than wood but we would not recommend an ‘economy’ carpet.

A cheap carpet will generally deteriorate and look flat and old with in 2 years. This is because the tufts are not tight enough…in a more expensive carpet ie £18-30 a meter the

 tufts are closer together it will weigh around 40oz and will cope much better with heavy domestic traffic and keep its colour and shape.

In a commercial  situation where furniture and lots of footfall are issues then and industrial grade carpet is often the best choice usually man made or 80/20% wool /Nylon mix.

The wool looks good and provides great comfort whereas the nylon strengthens and helps it wear well.

Industrial carpets are generally more expensive because they are of a higher density and you need to spend around £15-40 a metre to provide a hard wearing commercial carpet

that looks good and is easy to maintain.


“Criterion completed our wood flooring and skirting throughout our property

to a high standard at a very competitive rate. The attention to

detail was excellent and we would highly recommend them.  ‘A. Lee’

Leo Luton American Black walnut installed Throughout ground floor

I first got in contact with Criterion Flooring when Neil replied to my

contact inquiry on their website.

They came on the agreed day of installation with the correct timber.

It took four days of work and the finished product was beautiful.

His team is polite and professional and smiling always . I will have

no second thoughts of hiring Criterion Flooring again for my next project.

Congrats ! Job well done.

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