Solid Oak Flooring

Nature beneath your feet, with solid Oak from Criterion Flooring


*Wood is a natural product and consequently may vary in colour from the colour guides shown here, which are for illustration purposes only


A wide range of solid Oak available from Criterion Flooring

A solid Oak floor will last a lifetime (if properly cared for ) It has a natural beauty that can be restored to pristine condition by sanding and refurbishing every 10 years or so (depending on the traffic the floor receives.) Engineered board is more stable with less movement but there is no more natural a product than solid Oak, which is taken directly from the tree and manufactured into board and finished to enhance lustre and colour to make any room look stunning.

When laying solid wood flooring it needs to acclimatise to the humidity of the environment. The strands of natural wood fibre expand or contract to the humidity of the room. So the wood is stacked in your house and left for 7-10 days and then tested with a ‘hygrometre’ which takes a reading humidity in the wood and the floor of the house.

This will also read the humidity in your floor and indicate whether a Damp Proof Membrane is required in the sub floor before the solid Oak boards are laid. The floor is laid on flexible polymer adhesive to allow the boards to breathe (contract and expand) without any break in the adhesive bond.

Nature beneath your feet, with solid Oak from Criterion Flooring

Staircase Before Criterion Work


Staircase After Criterion Work

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