The benefits of hardwood flooring

The clear benefits of hardwood flooring

Other floor coverings can play havoc with allergy sufferers but with wood flooring nothing is hidden. Dust mites are not trapped food spills are all visible and easy to clean off. simple brush or a light vacuum clean keep your hardwood floor looking great. Use a damp mop to clean mud or dirt but only with a proprietary wood floor cleaner. (For oiled floors a special non-detergent cleaner is required so as not to break down the oil finish). For further advice please email; or call 01442 822799

When buying or selling a home, the first impression of a beautifully polished hardwood floor is stunning. It looks clean, warm and inviting.and the benefit of a wood floor is it’s longevity it can look good for decades if properly maintained and a wood floor is always ‘in vogue’. So in terms of value for money, it’s hard to beat particularly when there is so much choice you can always choose a wood solution that suits your budget.

Criterion flooring supplies 'the Bordeaux Collection'

So which hardwood do you choose…solid wood, engineered or multi-ply? Finished or unfinished?

Solid wood- flooring produced from a solid piece of timber so can be refurbished numerous times over decades to keep it looking pristine. The ‘acclimatisation period for solid wood is 7-10 days, (whereas for Engineered wood the acclimatisation period is 24-48 hours).  Multi -ply is several layers of wood bonded together to create a strong core board that is then topped with a solid wood layer. Engineered wood-is composed of 3 layers, a base, core and wear layer .It is similar to Multi -ply in that it is stable, strong and hard wearing. Unfinished or Finished- There is a choice of finished grades, colours, oiled, lacquered, limed, stained filled, brushed, distressed and so on. You can choose the finish based on the look you want and the type of usage your hardwood floor will be subject to. An oiled finish, for example, can bring out the lustre of the wood texture, whilst a lacquer helps protect the wood. Liming can lighten the effect or you may stain the wood to match a particular colour of other flooring or the colours in your home. Please feel free to call and ask for further details of what finish may be the best choice for you Tel:01442 822799