Treatment & Maintenance

Keeping your wood flooring in pristine condition

Wood flooring can retain it’s timeless elegance if it is well maintained. That means wiping up spills immediately to ensure the liquid doesn’t penetrate the wood’s coating of protective lacquer.

Small marks and scuffs are inevitable but ensuring your footwear is free of grit and stones will prevent scratches equally if your furniture has protective anti-scratch pads under the legs this will help prevent marking.

Cleaning wooden floors can be easily done with a soft brush to remove dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner as long as you have the correct attachment to use on a wooden floor. To clean the floor use a micro fibre mop in the direction of the grain

but don’t use furniture polish as it will make your wood flooring slippery and treacherous in socks!

Refinishing or refurbishing your wood flooring

If your wooden floor has an oiled finish,  you can neutralise the look of small scratches by applying more oil, which is then left to dry before putting your furniture back in place.

If your wooden floor has a lacquered finish,  then the flooring can be lightly sanded and more lacquer applied to refresh and revive your wooden floor.  To refurbish your floor after many years of use

Criterion flooring will re-sand the flooring and re apply oil or lacquer to restore your solid wood flooring to its original splendour!

Solid wood flooring can last a lifetime with the proper maintenance and Criterion flooring is happy to offer any advice you might need. Please speak to Neil Smith on 01442 822799


  • •To prevent outside dirt spreading into the house use a doormat.
  • •Consider taking off outside shoes when you come into the room
  • •Clean the wood surface every couple of days
  • •LIGHTLY mop a lacquered floor with a damp mop. (oiled floors require non -detergent cleaning)
  • •Use floor protector pads on chair legs, table legs
  • •Don’t wax a lacquered floor, don’t lacquer a waxed floor and don’t use furniture polish on any wood floor!
  • •Consider sanding or re-varnishing a lacquered wood floor every 10 years or so when it shows signs of wear .
  • •Waxed floors will need to be thoroughly cleaned every 6 months with fine grade wire before re-waxing.
  • •If correctly fitted and maintained, your solid wood flooring should last 25 years +.
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